Who am I?

I’m Heather! I’m a Nutrition Coach and Certified Personal Trainer! I’ve been training individuals and groups for going on 10 years now and I  love it!  I get to help people meet their goals and watch them transform in front of my eyes! That is my JOB?! Yea…I’m a lucky girl!


What makes me Great?!

After getting a degree in Exercise Science, I started my career with strength training and soon after became a CrossFit Trainer.  I’ve dabbled in many types of fitness & my style of training has evolved quite a bit over the years. In other words, I’ve found what works so that I can bring it to my clients! I have acquired many tools to add to my tool-belt with my years of experience and have worked with men, women & kids, ranging from 3 – 76 years of age. I’ve worked with people with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, fibromialgia, pancreatitis, previous heart attacks to name a few and have consistently seen health improvements across the board! I love helping everyday people improve their overall quality of life with food and fitness!

My Training Style…

I mostly train a high intensity style, while sprinkling in some strength sets and personalizing the overall program to meet your individual goals! I’ve tried it all in the span of my career – strength training, group fitness classes, high volume cardio, etc… and respect fitness of all shapes & sizes. I choose to train a high intensity style because from my experience it yields the best results in a shorter amount of time than other types of physical fitness. It’s also a lot of fun! It’s always different, never boring and produces results in a well-rounded manner which I’ve found to be great for overall physical fitness!



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