Build a Better You

Online Subscription – $20/month

Due to the current events going on in our world today – I am offering an online platform where I post workouts that can be done entirely from home (no equipment needed) 3 times/week. Every Saturday I lead you through a workout at 12:00 through a Facebook live – so you get some extra motivation! We also run 4-week challenges to help you stay accountable to your goals where points are awarded for completing workouts, bonus challenges, activities that you engage in on your own & by posting nutritious meals that you are proud of! Joining the challenges are optional! Come join us and we can make the most of and sweat through this pandemic together!!

Initial Consult is Always Free! – Click here to Book with Me!

Virtual Whole30 Nutrition Coaching

An 8 Week Course: $300

Are you looking for some guidance on making better food choices for you and your health? I completed a 30 day nutrition challenge 10 years ago and it set me up to make healthier food choices for the rest of my life! While working with me during your Whole30, I will teach you not only the how and why – but we will also spend time exploring your relationship with food and you will learn the tools it takes to break bad habits and build healthier habits to last a lifetime! As a Certified Whole30 Coach, I’m so grateful to be able to bring the program that has changed my life, and the lives of many of my clients, to you!

Initial Consult is Always Free! – Click here to Book with Me!

Personal Training

A great option for anyone who is looking to increase their fitness level or build confidence in the gym. During this hour long session, you can expect the full attention of the trainer and workouts that are personalized to help you meet your specific goals which include but are not limited to losing weight, building muscle, improving balance, increasing stamina, improving mobility & improving health. Nutrition Coaching included.

Duration: 1 Hour
Price: $55

Partner Training

Grab your significant other, best friend or your favorite partner in crime to add some excitement to your session! You can encourage or compete against each other! Or maybe you just love having an accountabilibuddy! Whatever gets you motivated!! It also doesn’t hurt that it saves you some money!

Duration: 1 Hour
Price: $35/person

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