Build a Better You

Personal Training

A great option for anyone who is looking to increase their fitness level or build confidence in the gym. During this hour long session, you can expect the full attention of the trainer and workouts that are personalized to help you meet your specific goals which include but are not limited to losing weight, building muscle, improving balance, increasing stamina, improving mobility & improving health.

Duration: 1 Hour
Price: $60

Partner Training

Grab your significant other, best friend or your favorite partner in crime to add some excitement to your session! You can encourage or compete against each other! Or maybe you just love having an accountabilabuddy! Whatever gets you motivated!! It also doesn’t hurt that it saves you some money!

Duration: 1 Hour
Price: $35/person

Virtual Nutrition Coaching

Duration: 30 minutes – 1 Hour
Price: $40-$60

Are you looking for some guidance on making better food choices for you and your health? During nutrition coaching sessions, we will not only spend time on nutrition education, we will also spend time exploring your relationship with food which is often times the reason you can’t seem to make healthy nutrition habits last.

Customized Remote Programming


  • $40 for 4 weeks of programming
  • $65 for 4 weeks of programming & a form check session every 6 weeks

Download an app and enjoy the convenience of training in your own gym with professional programming specifically designed to meet you where you are at with your current level of fitness. The days of getting left behind in group exercise classes or one-size fits all programming are over. Every body is different and the best approach to fitness is one that is designed specifically for you! My clients who make the most progress opt into the second option which includes a form check. This can be done remotely or in person if you’re local.


Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $60

Are you someone who’s self motivated, but just need a little help with your form/technique? I want to help everyone enjoy moving their body effectively and safely and this includes people that I’m not programming for or training. If you love your current fitness routine but aren’t quite sure if you’re executing a certain movement right or have weird pain after a lift/movement, (back pain after your deadlifts…?) this option is for you. Let’s problem solve together so you can lift confidently and safely on your own!

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