Who am I?

Hello and welcome! I’m Heather! I’m a certified personal trainer who’s been in the health and fitness industry for 9 years now. I have a degree in Exercise Science, a CrossFit L1 certification, am CPR/First Aid certified and Insured. I am a professional that has worked very hard to get to where I am today and I absolutely love what I do!

What Sets me Apart from the rest?

My passion, knowledge, experience and the fact that time and time again I help my clients meet and surpass the goals that they walk in the door with! I’ve trained athletes and the general population from ages 6-76, however, I specialize in training everyday people. People who might not feel the most confident in the gym. People who know what they want to accomplish with their health and fitness but just aren’t entirely sure how to go about it. People who have maybe let their health or weight get away from them. People who have tried this program or that diet, and it just hasn’t worked for them. People who just need a helping hand to guide them through the movements, to educate them on nutrition and to show up for them. To support them and hold them accountable. People like you! I’d love to help you, and I won’t give up on you as long as you’re trying!

My Story

I grew up an overweight child. I was overweight until my late teens and struggled to keep the weight off after I initially lost it. I had lost the weight after getting my heart broken. I couldn’t eat and I started running because I just couldn’t physically sit in my emotions any longer. I put a lot of it back on shortly after…because what I hadn’t done…was really learn any healthy habits or have a reason larger than just looking good that could make my results sustainable. I had essentially just went on a crash diet accompanied by obsessive exercise. And while that was not a healthy or sustainable way to go about weight-loss, that period in my life left me with a taste of something that I would never be able to forget. It was a taste of what feeling good actually felt like.

You see, I had been overweight, lethargic, sick and depressed for so long – that up until this point – I hadn’t a clue that I could feel any way other than how I had felt everyday. I enjoyed the attention I got from being thin, but it was mainly that “good” feeling that kept me coming back for more. After this point in my life, I spent the next 5 years trying to find ways to sustain my weight-loss and that “good” feeling that accompanied it. The more I learned, the better I felt and the healthier I got. Things like IBS, chronic allergies, depression and acne weren’t a part of my life anymore. I’ve come a long way since then – constantly learning more about the body, the food that we put into it and the role that our minds play in making changes that are sustainable – not just for weight-loss, but for health as well. My mission is to “Build a better world by building better bodies.” – because in my experience, when people feel better, they just are better. They do better. And a lot of the times, they don’t even truly know what “good” feels like.

“Don’t Just Live – Live Well”


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