Naked Yoga

Several years ago, I remember telling my dad that I felt like I was put on this Earth to help people be naked. He wasn’t amused. Not only was he NOT amused, he made a comment alluding to the notion that he didn’t find it very “wholesome.”

I’m extremely used to this reaction from others. My grandma has used the word “floozie.” My uncle calls me “shock & awe.” My mom and step-dad just really wish I would cover up because I think it embarrasses them. I’m pretty sure my sister sees it as a desperate cry for attention, and I must say that I have to give her some credit here as there was definitely some of that mixed in when I initially lost weight, but it goes so far beyond that for me.

One of the reasons I love fitness and dancing so much is because it puts me in my body. In a world where we can often spend much of our time in our heads I find this therapeutic. It’s a form of meditation for me. I’m out of my head. I’m in my body. It’s euphoric. And the less clothes…the better it gets. I feel free, unrestricted. I can feel my skin, run my fingers through my hair, move completely uninhibited. Nothing is holding me back. Literally…because it goes as far as no jewelry. No watches, no thick make-up on my face. Raw. Real. It’s a bit primal. And if you ever needed a tool to help you love, embrace & respect that beautiful body of yours…well…this is it for me. Clothes rub, squeeze, chafe. The less I’m wearing, the more I feel in tune with this body. With this skin. I dream of trips to Africa to dance naked around fires to deep drum beats with native tribes. It feels like a life-source of sorts…calling me home.

And the only thing better than naked is naked in nature. One of my favorite days was from our backpacking trip to WA where I got to camp naked. The weather was perfect, our campsite was on a cliff overlooking a beautiful valley. Wind & sun on my skin. Earth beneath my feet. It.Was.Heaven.

I will forever struggle understanding why we have made the human figure so taboo. In our society, an unclothed body seems to be an object that can’t have meaning separate from desperation and sexual advances. “It’s a shock! An Outrage! Have you no decency?!” I’ve never felt “un-decent” or like I’m trying to seduce anyone upon just being naked. I just feel…at home. I’ve never seen it this way. In my mind the naked human form is beautiful and is something that should be celebrated.

Because of this way of being, I’ve been called a ‘Whore” and many things of that nature more times than I can probably count. I’m strong enough these days to navigate those comments , however, when I was younger – it really hurt. You are entitled to your own opinion. Mine is…it’s a body. Everyone has one. It’s only a “big deal” because someone at some point decided it was (maybe they didn’t like their bodies….maybe they thought they were better than naked savages…who knows) and other people followed their lead and well…I’ve never been much of a follower. I choose to disagree. If you agree, then you cover your body up. No biggie. I’ll uncover mine. And I’ll do so because it feels right. It feels free. It helps me respect her, honor her and treat her with love. It connects us: her & I, and if you feel so inclined to do the same…know that there’s at least one person out there who is cheering you on.

And all of that just to say….that today, I did naked yoga and it was fabulous! I highly recommend it. Being able to see my body as it bends and moves and struggles for balance. It was everything I needed today. I woke up today really feeling like I wanted to use/move my body. So I did. I recorded it and when I watched the replay I saw so many things. I saw stretch marks, cellulite, some saggy skin and a soft belly. I saw freckles, a sunburn, strong shoulders, leg and core muscles I didn’t know you could see. I saw a very pale girl struggling to hit balanced poses and twisty binds. I saw a peaceful face and a strong, beautiful body. I’m grateful for it all. And I feel that much closer to the skin that I’m in.

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  1. I love your philosophy, it goes right along with mine. Stay naked!

  2. Where are you located? Please let me know and have a great day.

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